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John Anthony Signs is a leading bespoke sign manufacturer with over 50 years of industry experience both nationally and internationally.

We offer a complete solution from consultative advice and research and development through to final installation and maintenance.

We work in every market sector on small and medium size projects through to the very largest national and international rebranding programmes for the most critical of clients.

Having received The Architectural Sign of the Year Award in 2016, John Anthony Signs focuses their efforts on having high quality signs and customer service.  

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John Anthony created incredible sculptural pieces that fit perfectly with the creative concepts behind Selfridge’s Body Studio. From laser etched wayfinding mirrors to beautiful gold hanging escalator sign, all the pieces reflect the delicate and complex nature of the project itself and has resulted in one of the most creatively lead signage projects Selfridges has displayed.


Their knowledge of production materials and methods hugely assisted in creating not just perfectly executed, beautiful designs, but also finely crafted pieces that have quickly grown to iconic status in the Selfridges store.

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