Kidzania, Kuwait

Personal recommendation is key to our business success and we are pleased to state that when it came to winning an £820,000.00 contract in Kuwait it was personal recommendation that won the day.

The development of Kidzania, Kuwait involved 98 separate establishments including hundreds of internal and external signage to create this mini city. This city, which is an education centre to help children participate and enjoy in various careers involved signage for a hospital, court house, restaurants, fire station, hotels, retailers, theatres, flight simulators and an airport terminal to name but a few.

With such a broad spectrum of specifications, signage types, translations, artwork variations, detailed surveys and high quality brands, Mace knew that they needed to have a supplier that they could trust to make this a success.

The project went seamlessly and we received praise from Mace, Kidzania and our client for the quality, flexibility and interpretation of the establishment theme packs.

“John Anthony Signs performed very well from design through to execution. It was good working with a team on site who just got on without complaining.” – Senior Project Manager, Mace

“I really don’t have any issues with them as they provided a really good quality. No need to meet. … Congratulations for this, big pat on the back.” – Kidzania, Vice President

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