BAT, Mayfair

British American Tobacco was founded in 1902 and is still a leader in more than 60 markets. In 2013 they sold 676 billion cigarettes in 46 factories in 41 countries and directly employees more than 57,000 people.

In 1492 Columbus and his crew were credited with discovering tobacco for the first time and cigar smoking was adapted across the Western world.

Cigar smoking is still very popular today and we were proud to be involved in the superbly fitted out club and humidor at the Dunhill, Mayfair in London.

Our team were involved in working with the designers in achieving an excellent result which included a layered world map with a copper effect, numerous plaques, engravings and graphics. All of this helped to add to the luxurious nature of this site and all were pleased with the end result.

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